MBSR or mindfulness workshops for companies' groups or single training

  • What is MBSR?

MBSR stands for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and was developed by Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (Microbiologist, a discipline of medicine) who extracted universal mindfulness techniques from Buddhism into a purely secular and science-based stress reduction program. In 1979, he founded the stress reduction clinic in Massachussets/USA.  Since then, neuroscientific research of him and many more prooved its groundbreaking changes in the brain (prefrontal cortex, amygdala in limbic system, insular region, brain stem, hyopthalamus and hypophyse, cortex, connectivity and density of brain matter) the cardio-vascular system, neuroendocrine emission (adrenaline, cortisol, endorphines, oxytocine), positve change for regulation of attention and emotion,  for pain patients, for sleeping disorders, for those stressed out, depressed by exhaustion/"burned out" to name just a few positive effects on the health.

  • How is it taught classically?

Classical MBSR is taught in a 8-week-course à 3 hrs (morning or evening course). For example, in a group from a company one mindfulness day can additionally take place on a Saturday or Sunday (not in individual training). It requires neither pre-experience in practice nor in theory. Here, the attendant learns about mindfulness and the regulation of attention by the help of a present (= non-distracted) mind, stress physiology, perception, stress aggravating thouhts and emotions and mindful communication. These lessons are thouroughly based on the teaching of three main practices: bodyscan, soft yoga strectching practices, and sitting meditation. For these, the paticipant receives practice instructions per Cds, spoken by Jon Kabat-Zinn (mine are available in German only). These Cds are used for the regular practice - for full success, 6 times/week are recommended and again recently proven in its effect by the Harvard Medical School. The Cds would be purchased by the attendant. Additionally, walking meditation is introduced on the day of mindfulness. Within the course setting, the attendant can settle into own experiences of mindfulness in practice and in daily life, sets up a perpetuating momentum of practice with the help of the group, he/she can clarify misunderstanding and questions and the dialogue between teacher and the participant deepens his/her understanding. The basis of the course is not another theory or philosophy only but practice itself! In other words: we do not only speak about swimming, we do swim.


FOR COMPANIES THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS, TOO: What else can you book in German or English?

  • Introduction / Workshop about MBSR or Mindfulness
  • classical MBSR-course as described above: 8 x 3 hours and one mindfulness day u
  • modified mindfulness training - wishes can be discussed by email or telephone.
  • talks (related to mindfulness, e.g. mindfulness based stress and pain coping, mindful (self-) management, MBSR,...)  

Prices l  on request  l  Important Info: 500€ per employee can be deducted from tax as further studies

Language l  German and English

Contact l I am looking forward to hear from you & your company via Email or call +49-1525-4002572.



  • What to do for a single person interested in INDIVIDUAL TRAINING?

1. send me your request / call me

2. you will download the questionaire as preparation for the MBSR preliminary interview which is obligate basis for being able to participate (find it in the right column under my photo and description)

3. send the questionnaire to me via email or mail

4. we make an appointment for the interview in which we clarify your concerns and questions and which is a suitable time for you /your company -

5. registration


  • More infos for INDIVIDUAL TRAINING:

TIMES l Monday 9am-2pm and Thursday 9am-2pm 

PRICE l  For individual training 8x 1,5-2 hours (90€/hour) or modified training on request

CONTACT l  I am looking forward to hear from you via Email or call +49-1525-4002572.


Lena Raab-Tsering

liscensed MBSR-teacher (Institut für Achtsamkeit und Stressbewältigung of Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt)

state examined physiotherapist at Friedrichsheim Private School/ Orthopaedic University Frankfurt

learned about mindfulness as student of Buddhism 

practises mindfulness in daily life at work in own practice/clinic, as mother and wife

scientific-based, interactive and 'fresh' teaching style intermingled with practice